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   Nov. Feature:  Cure the blues

Primroses provide a nice variety of color for the winter season. They look great with winter pansies along the patio in containers. Get creative... Cure the winter blues HERE.

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"Clear November skies are rare
As like as not fierce storms arrive
But still the garden is not bare
Chrysanthemums the rain survive"

~By David Squire~

  • Protect your roses during the cold winter months. Place bark mulch around the base so that the first part of the stem (nearest the ground) is completely covered.

  • Consider MAKING your Christmas gifts this year. If you get started now you'll be ahead of the game next month.

  • Here is a great garden gift idea! Use a soap recipe to make your own herbal soaps and cut out flower shapes once soap is hard. Fill a flower pot with assorted bath products then put the soap flowers on barbeque skewers and decorate with imitation leaves. Place them into the pot and adorn with a holiday bow.

  • Find out what plants will work for you-ask The FloracleFind out which plants will work for you



Chrysanthemum is the Flower of the month in November
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